Société d’Etude et de Fabrication d’Outillage de Presse

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12 - 14 Rue Niepce - ZI n° 3 Mondeville Sud - 14120 Mondeville




The design office will support you in the development of your projects and meet your specification, so as to provide a rational budgetary and technical approach and maintain the strictest confidentiality.

Traceability, design, production, tool development.

Four work stations equipped with Visi Progress professional software.

We can read files in DXF-IGES-Parasolid-Step-Vda formats

Our computer network allows us to transmit and process workshop data using Mastercam software.
Tool types: progressive dies, transfer forming tools, replication tools.
Material thickness: 0.05 to 4 mm
All materials: Steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, HEL, PVC, composite, etc.,


A team of technicians at your service

Conventional milling, 3D NC milling, wire electrical discharge machining, electrical discharge sinking, flat and profile grinding, NC turning, Mastercam CAD/CAM;

  • Progressive dies, stamping and forming of short to very long runs.
  • Stamping and forming tools with integrated threading, nut insertion, vibrating bowl feeder
  • Transfer forming tools
  • Replication tools
  • Assembly tools
  • Short run production (63, 100 and 200-tonne presses)
  • Modification, improvement, repair and maintenance of stamping and forming press tools.
  • Machining of one-off and short run parts
  • Production of prototypes
  • Trial assemblies

Research and development, design, production and assembly of single-use medical devices.

  • Biopsy forceps
  • Polypectomy loops
  • Dispo'clean (endoscope cleaning)
  • Clean room assembly
  • Computer-assisted spot welding
  • Sterilisation
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Thermo-welding packaging machine
  • Hot filming machine
  • Cable cutting machine.
  • Ink-jet marking.
  • Kiln.

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